Riding Academy: Advanced Riding & Return to Biking

Skilled Rider Course: Higher Octane Learning

Give your skills a boost with an advanced motorcycle course.

Achieve motorcycle mastery

Get yourself up to speed on the latest advances in motorcycle technology and safety on one of our ‘Back to Biking’ courses or discover advanced manoeuvres and safety skills in a Skilled Rider Course practice session.

Absolutely! Welcome back! We also provide refresher training for anyone who has a full licence but may have been away from motorcycles for a number of years. Designed to get you back on the road safely our instructors work with you to get you back up to speed with the latest techniques and technology.

This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the individual requirement of the client.

Yes indeed. Our instructors provide post test training for the experienced rider. Learn the key skills to be safer, smoother and faster and handle your machine at all speeds with confidence and total control. Apply the same standards as professional riders and learn how to correctly use the system of motorcycle control, your riding will never be the same again!

This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the requirement of the client.