Riding Academy

Master the ways of the road

Harley-Davidson® motorcycle training is designed for riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.                     

Life's better when you know how to ride

Nothing drowns out the noise of life like the roar of a motorcycle engine. We'll show you how to harness its power.

Learn to Ride  

Never ridden before? Want to get your license? The new rider course will lead you through the steps to learn to ride a motorcycle and get you on the road. CLICK HERE to find out more

3 Wheeled 

A bike is one thing, but 3-wheeled motorcycles are a different animal. This class will help you get comfortable with trikes' distinct feel.

Post Test & Advanced Riding

Even if you are a seasoned rider, you're never too good to learn. Discover advanced manoeuvres and safety skills with a skilled rider course. CLICK HERE for more

Gift the Open Road

Stuck for Gift Ideas? Why not give the gift of the Open Road! Pick up vouchers for our Riding Academy over on our official webshop, click here!